GradSWE Takes to the Trails!

With the semester winding down, assignments piling up and projects due dates approaching, GradSWE decided to take a little break from all the craziness and go find some sanity on the Tech trials. The Nordic Ski club was awesome enough to GradSWE a 2-hour time block to ski, plus lent us ski gear and provided us an amazing instructor to teach all the beginner slackers like us who live in the snowiest edge of the world but have made no effort to learn how to ski. How cool was that?!


So off we went and I don’t want to name names but there was a certain someone who seemed to be out of her elements who was as much down as she was up! Lol… But on the brighter side, at least at the end of it she seemed to be a pro at getting back up! We all had some good fun learning the basic strokes, how to climb up a hill in your skis like a penguin, go down a a hill in style striking a James Bond pose— yes, those are the technical terms and all so real! All in all, it was a fun experience outside the lab but we paid for it in sore muscles for more than a week! We plan to continue to embrace the surroundings of Michigan Tech with more adventures like this, hope you can join us the next time!

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